30 Day Coaching with Carol Stinson

Through her revolutionary 30 day coaching program Carol will join YOU in your real estate market! Get help finding deals, making offers and building YOUR  high impact wholesaling team.  

Mastering Real Estate Wholesaling

30 Day Coaching With Carol


Her experience and knowledge of real estate wholesaling and investing is exceptional. She has a true talent for finding and creating profitable real estate deals in any market.

Carol is now offering to share that experience and knowledge with you through  One on One Real Estate Coaching.

When you work one on one with Carol you work with someone who has experience in both real estate wholesaling and investing. 

Carol has wholesales over 600 properties and has extensive experience with buy-and-holds, fix-and-flips, multifamily and commercial investments. 

Carol has a solid track record for creating innovative investing and wholesaling strategies that generate profit in any market.

When you work with Carol Stinson through one on one coaching she will help you put her proven wholesaling & Investing strategies to work in your market. 

Together you will take your real estate business to a whole new level as she helps you master your real estate profit.

Through one on one coaching Carol will walk you through each step of her powerful Mastering Real Estate Wholesaling program and work with you as you  implement each strategy in your real estate market . Together you will build a foundation that will enable you to profit from real estate long after your one on one coaching is complete. YOU WILL GET HELP WITH:

  • Finding properties, estimating rehab costs, making offers, finding buyers. 
  • Building your real estate wholesaling team. She will help you find an investor friendly real estate agent, real estate attorney and title company.
  • Developing a mindset that backs your vision of success.
  • Connect you with her funding partners to help you find funding such as hard money, business lines of credit or the right mortgage product if you are planning on holding a property as a rental. * Credit evaluation and repair is an option for those who can benefit from it. 



Here's what you'll get


Learn The Same Powerful Wholesaling Strategies That Carol Used To Wholesale Over 600 Properties!

Carol's Mastering Real Estate 30 Day Coaching Program is packed with Carol's own proven wholesaling strategies! The same strategies that she used to wholesale over 600 properties around the country! She is still using these strategies today to close a minimum of 1 wholesale deal a month, every month!

Continuous Support

  Carol will walk you through her Mastering Real Estate Wholesaling program and work with you as you  implement each strategy in your real estate  market.  As your coach she will be with you through each step, answering all of your real estate questions giving you detailed direction when needed.  

Access to Funding

 Carol will connect you with her own funding partners who are ready to help you gain access to unsecured lines of credit and funding for all of your real estate needs.  

Credit Repair

 Carol's credit repair specialists are ready to help you repair your credit if you need it.  

One on One Coaching

 Carol Stinson's One on One Coaching is conducted through scheduled calls during the course of 30 days. During this time you will also have direct access to Carol  to answer any questions as they arise. 

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