Meet Carol Stinson

Carol Stinson started her real estate career in 2009 and quickly became one of Dean Graziosi's most successful students.

Since then Carol has went on to achieve substantial success in real estate.  Over the past decade she has closed over 700 real estate transactions. Today she is the founder and CEO of several high performing real estate businesses. 

Carol has inspired thousands through the years with her rags to riches story. From her humble beginning to her triumphant achievements in real estate many have been encouraged by her accelerated success in real estate.

Carol has mastered real estate investing and has perfected the real estate wholesaling process. Over the years she has wholesaled over 600 properties around the country and has bought and flipped over 100 properties.  

Her revolutionary wholesaling strategies have been proven to generate massive profit in any real estate market. Over the past decade she never stopped learning and has received training from many of the top real estate investors in the country. Through this ongoing education and her own trial and error she has perfected her real estate investing and wholesaling strategies. 

Today Carol trains others on how to implement her proven real estate strategies in their real estate market to generate massive profit. This training is included in her BREAKTHROUGH SUCCESS 12 WEEK COACHING PROGRAM and her MASTERING REAL ESTATE WHOLESALING 30 DAY COACHING PROGRAM.


 “Carol Stinson is the epitome of someone changing her own destiny through her thinking. She went from inner and external obstacles to taking control of her life and finding true success, joy and fullfillment. She is a rare , wonderful and positive role model for us all in today’s crazy world.” - Dean Graziosi , New York Times Best Selling Author, Real Estate Expert 

Carol Stinson with Dean Graziosi

Carol Stinson with Dean Graziosi 

Carol Stinson

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